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premium rate lines, premium rate numbersAs with all Premium Rate Services, the secret of success is to offer callers a high quality service, which they will want to stay with and want to call back. If the service is good enough, then callers will tell their friends about it. There is no better promotion available, than word of mouth.

The secret of a successful Virtual Chat Service, is always having girls on line - Guys love to chat to Girls. Our Virtual Chat Service is a well-established service and is currently being promoted under several names. This means that there will always be girls to chat with and you will make more money. It's the fast and easy way to meet people all over the UK for just a chat, friendship, or even a romance. You are sure to find someone on line, any time of the day or night. 

Please note that this is a virtual message exchange service and not a live chat service.

The service is aimed at straight chat & dating, but we offer a similar service for gay & lesbian contacts. Substantial income can be made through both services! Check our service out for yourself!

09069 192662

Calls are charged at 1 per minute at all times

TIP: The greatest Virtual Chat and Date service in the world, will earn no money without advertising. Virtual Chat is not an adult service, so it can be advertised anywhere. National promotions can earn thousands, but just as important can be local / regional advertising, TV, radio and leaflets. Simple lineage advertisements can produce good results. 

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