Premium Rate Line Request Form

Yes! I wish to operate an exclusive Premium Rate Service in conjunction with PRT Ltd. I agree to pay the registration fee for each number allocated. I also understand that I am NOT liable for any further set up charges, or monthly fees, from PRT Ltd., in the provision of this service. I shall be paid at the per minute rate shown on this web site and be subject to the terms and conditions.

To download our Request Form and Terms and Conditions please click on either of the links below: 

Download as a PDF file (for use on Windows or Mac)
Download as a PDF file in a WinZip format
Download as a Word file (for use on Windows only)
Download as a Word file in a WinZip Format

When the download is complete, you can then print the document as normal. After printing, please read the terms and conditions carefully and complete the form as required and mail to us together with payment. (Just 99 per line - with no other additional costs - ever!)

Thank you!

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