Tarot Service - Live and Interactive

work at home business opportunity, work from home business opportunityWe have added live and recorded interactive professional Tarot reading services to our list of available services. Tarot is one of the most popular Premium Rate Services. Our live Tarot reading service is professionally presented, by an experienced reader. 

Because it is serious and very well presented, the service attracts repeat business - a key element in the profitability of any Premium Rate Service.

If you are not familiar with Tarot readings, here are a few background notes, which may be helpful. Readings are based around special Tarot card decks, which may consist of different numbers of cards, according to the deck being used. The cards are not familiar playing cards, but are based on the ancient storytellers prompt cards found in many different civilizations, throughout history. The subject of the reading chooses a number of cards, to be drawn from a shuffled deck. Typically they choose 3, 5 or 7 cards. From the cards drawn and whether the cards are drawn the 'right' way up or not, the Tarot Reader can offer suggestions about the subject's history, current situation and possible future. 

These services from Premium Rate Telecom faithfully reproduce the key elements of the process. On the recorded service, the caller is invited to stop the shuffling when they wish, then to choose which of the two cut decks, the cards are to be drawn from.

The subject calls for 3, 5 or 7 cards to be drawn and these are then read by an established and experienced Tarot Reader. As a final flourish after the reading, the caller is given their two key numbers based on the addition of their birth month and day. We also provide Live Tarot Service as well! Don't forget that we also provide live Psychic services as well! You can try our Tarot service on: 

09067 343703

Calls charged at 1 per minute at all times

TIP: The Tarot Line requires very little expensive advertising. Try distributing flyers, word of mouth and small ads in your local press. Think carefully about the kind of person who would use the service, before you start to market these terrific additions to our services. 

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