Recorded Information Services

home based business opportunity, home business opportunityMost people do not realise that they have valuable information at their fingertips, which other people would be willing to pay for. Are you a golfer? Do you have an unusual hobby? People might be willing to pay for the information, which you can provide them! This information can be put on to a Recorded Information Service and charged to the caller at Premium Rate. You will then receive revenue per minute, depending on the tariff, for every minute a caller listens to your message. We can create virtually any type of Recorded Information Service; in fact, the only limitation is your imagination. 

To help you, here are some examples of existing Premium Rate Services: 

  • Brochure Request Lines 
  • Event Information Lines For Theatre/Cinemas etc 
  • Sports Tips 
  • Financial Information
  • Erotic Stories 

TIP: Setting up the line could not be simpler. You can either send us a tape with the information, or alternatively you can record the information yourself on our special telephone number! (Subject to the ICSTIS code of practice). 

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