Show Me The Money!

Premium Rate Telecom Associates arguably receive the highest Call Revenue Share in the industry. We do not use a complicated banding system. We simply pay a flat per minute rate for each service: 

Type of Service
Your receive per minute
 Caller pays per minute
Live 121 
40p  1
Live Tarot 
40p  1
Live Psychic 
40p  1
Interactive Tarot 
54p  1
Virtual Chat 
48p  1
Gay Virtual Chat 
54p  1
Live 121 (provided by you)
56p/81p  1/1.50
Adult Recorded Stories 
50p  1
Voyeur Lines 
Tipster Service 
50p  1
Recorded Information Service 
50p  1
Joke Lines 
42p  1

Monthly Call Statistics

In order to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising, it is essential to receive regular call statistics. Our Customer Services Division will compile accurate management statistics, to present you with a valuable analysis of your calls, in a clear and concise format. These will be provided to you on a monthly basis, either by email or phone. 


On or around the 30th of each month, you will receive a statement, detailing all call traffic for the previous month. You will then be asked to invoice us for the amount specified and we will send you a cheque in return!

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