Live 121

phone sex, phone sex line, cheap phone sexThis is what Premium Rate is famous for and for good reason, giving your callers the opportunity to chat live and indulge in all of their fantasies and dreams, with their ideal lady-on the telephone that is! Once callers try this service and talk to one of our 1-2-1 girls…they are bound to call back, if they like what they heard! 

Ever thought about offering your own Live 121 service?

Would you like to earn up to £192 per day every day, just talking to people and having fun at the same time? Sounds unbelievable? We know it does, but honestly, you'll just have to trust us on this one. £192+ a day is very realistic amount to be earning, from running this fun, exciting business. 

It's completely ethical, a lot of fun, 100% tried and tested and you can get started with very little effort and with very little money.

Quite simply, we will arrange to divert calls on your premium rate number(s), to the number(s) of your choice. You do not need any special telephony equipment. Some of our clients choose to put in an additional line in their homes or offices, just to take these calls and our computers divert their calls to them, at premium rate!

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Just think of all that extra cash you could be earning, staying at home, on the phone! Maximum returns for minimum effort! Don't forget, Live 121 does not have to be adult in nature. If you are qualified in Tarot for example, you could do readings on the phone! Check out our live 121 service for yourself!

09091 098 449

Calls are charged at £1 per minute at all times

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