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phone sex, phone sex line, cheap phone sexThe Premium Rate 'adult' market generates millions of pounds in the UK alone!! These lines can make lots of money, if advertised properly. Why not choose one to market yourself? We have many types of lines to choose from, including Adult Stories and Voyeur Lines, to name just two! 

One of our best sellers, are our Adult Multi Stories Line, featuring over many red hot erotic stories, which will have your callers coming back, time and again! So the choice is yours! Why not try one or two yourself? 

Please note that these services contain material of an adult nature. 

09096 107534 Multi Story 1 - Anal Angie
09096 107535 Multi Story 2 - Mandy's Wet Sex
09096 107536 Multi Story 3 - Domination
09096 107537 Adult Rec'd - Office ***** Takes It..
09096 107538 Adult Rec'd - Wet Sally Plays..
09096 107539 Adult Rec'd - Lesbian Slave
09096 107540 Adult Rec'd - Secretary Wants A Rise
09096 107541 Adult Rec'd - I Want To Satisfy You

Our Voyeur Lines allow callers to listen in as a Voyeur, to some very hot chat between a hot, horny babe and her stud! The second Voyeur Service, which we offer allows callers to listen in on two lusty ladies swapping stories on their sexual conquests. Riveting stuff! 

Don't forget-we can also provide you with a line which links into multi choice red hot Adult Stories - giving your callers plenty of reasons to come back for more!

All the above numbers are charged at £1 per minute at all times

Any Premium Rate Line…….Just £99

TIP: Adult Services must not appear in generally available publications, other than 'top shelf publications' or in any publication, which is unsolicited. Our Adult Services are updated on a regular basis, to ensure the maximum amount of calls. Premium Rate Telecom must approve every advertisement placed, prior to publication. 

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